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I Don't Bleed Non Offensive Mysterious Blue Liquid

I'd Rather use a Tarp

July 16th, 2006

Go with the Flow @ 01:15 pm

Current Mood: excited excited

Very interested now in doing the amount of pads used on average in a womans lifetime of menstruation. 100 woman may be my ideal test subjects. How to find 100 woman? LJ? Internet forums? How do I check they are for real? Phone interviews? Release forms. I know I can probably find the answer to my questions somewhere online or in a book but I think it makes it more real for me to do my own research. Do I open this journal up to my friends and get them to spread it to their friends? I need a wide range of subjects. All different ages from the youngest to the oldest. Woman who have had children. Woman who have heavy flows, light flows. I should make a form to hand out as soon as possable. I don't want to start cutting out my pad doll woman until I have my research completed.

July 15th, 2006

Bring Me Your Women @ 11:42 pm

Current Mood: thoughtful thoughtful

Must find 50 women for test subjects. Would like to calculate how many pads are used by an average woman during 1 year? During a lifetime? Each woman must have a period between 4-7 days long with neither a torrential flow nor a weak trickle. Should they all have started their periods at around the same time in their life? Should they all be around the same age at time of testing? Should I section off groups?

I Don't Bleed Non Offensive Mysterious Blue Liquid

I'd Rather use a Tarp