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I Don't Bleed Non Offensive Mysterious Blue Liquid

I'd Rather use a Tarp

July 16th, 2006

Hide Your Shame @ 05:44 pm

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I want to create a piece of art that confronts the medias use of non offensive blue liquid in their "feminine napkin" commercials.

I haven't deluded myself into thinking that it will change things overnight. Perhaps the mom's and dad's of the nuclear family really aren't ready to see a non offensive RED liquid used (instead of the ridiculously mysterious BLUE) on their TV screens tomorrow night during their quality prime time, but if even a small portion of future advertisers are exposed to the realitiess of "Aunt Flow's" visits I am hoping that in my life time the switch will be made.

How does hiding the colour of our menstrual blood educate anyone? How does it take away any feelings of shame or secrecy that young woman or men may feel? Once a month we bleed for over half our lives. Since there have been women on this planet there have been blood cycles so why is there still a need to hide any aspects of it?

This is all still very new in my mind and I am not an artist, but I am a woman and if nothing else my little project will help me work out my own frustrations with roles and habits that I've developed without even knowing why.

My plan so far is to find 100 willing women test subjects who will document exactly how many pads/tampons they use in the course of their menstruation. Then I will calculate the average amount of pads used in a woman's lifetime and create pad doll women to represent this. Look back here for updates if you're interested.
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I Don't Bleed Non Offensive Mysterious Blue Liquid

I'd Rather use a Tarp