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I Don't Bleed Non Offensive Mysterious Blue Liquid

I'd Rather use a Tarp

August 26th, 2006

(no subject) @ 10:50 am

I sewed the red thread onto 5 of the dolls yesterday. I have to say they look pretty good. So as of right now I only have 42 dolls cut out and only 5 sewed on. I have quite a lot of work today. I'm going to look for my hot glue gun tonight and maybe start some decorating. We'll see. I don't want to get ahead of myself. I think I'm going to need a few milk crates/rubber maid containers/something for storing everything. It's already looking like the mess is going to get out of hand. Well, that's all for now. Pictures once I get my film developed.

August 17th, 2006

I will not hide my shame. @ 02:20 pm

Must think of a name to encompass this show/line - whatever. For Shame, perhaps? The point is that there is no shame so this may be misleading, I'll have to keep thinking.

250 pads on underwear quilt.
Tampons turned into worry dolls? Same thing, amount used in a year? Decorated with thread etc. Boxes altered.
Giant Pad created out of same materials in a real pad. Red marker thoughts and issues all over it.

Maybe I should do something with a red liquid. I'm using thread for the big piece but this is a thought for something else.

More dolls cut out last night. I have my red thread now so I can start sewing them up.

August 15th, 2006

10 down 240 to go @ 10:52 am

I spent a couple of hours last night making a stencil and then cutting out 10 pad doll women. Instead of going out and buying a bunch of pads I may just use what's left over from the packs that K and I buy for our periods (always one right after the other). I kept the plastic backing on this time and it was much easier to cut. I took a bunch of pictures so when I get them developed I'll add them to the site.

I really need to buy that red thread so I can sew them up. I think the plan now is to sew them and then decorate them. I think I have an ample amount of materials to use to make them up for now. Hopefully by the time that's done I'll have more pads to cut out.

K, E and I got into a big conversation about what I'm doing and what it means and it felt really great. We were all "GRRRRR" and "ARRR" and "Screw you and your shame!" When I have more time (I'm at work right now and the net is down at home for some ridiculous reason) I'll add more about the conversations I've been having and the thoughts that are subsequently realized.

July 31st, 2006

Your Unwanted Underwear is my Treasure! @ 01:50 pm

Thanks to freakykitten I have 2 pairs of underwear for the quilt/s. When k and I were at the Kingsgate Mall (yuck, btw) on Sunday I found underwear at the dollar store that I'll have to go back and get later.

If anyone gives you underwear for your birthdays/whatever that you'll never wear send them my way! All shapes, sizes and styles welcome/needed.

Next friday or so I am hoping to get myself quite a few packs of pads and red thread. E and I are both heading to Lander to get our hair done so on the way home I want to stop at a walmart or something. I'm so excited!

July 24th, 2006

A Sticky Situation @ 12:18 pm

Current Mood: content content

I cut my first doll this week-end. That sticky shit on the back is a pain in the ass to work with. Once she was cut out I ripped it off. There's no way I'd be able to sew with it on. Cutting was hard enough. I was pretty pleased with the way she looked. It was just a practice run but it's getting me there. I think I'll have to keep the backing on when I cut. Trace out the shape on it and cut from there. If that works I guess I can just sew it as is. I think I may have to make a stencil for the dolls shape, that'll speed things along.

Oh what joy.

July 20th, 2006

Friends, Countrywomen, Lend Me Your Pads @ 01:01 pm

Current Mood: silly silly

I'm looking into wholesale pads. These guys may not have the right thickness (I mean thinness really) that I want but their cases are exactly 250 pads each at not a bad price. I'm still looking around of course but I was tickled at the "coincidence" in numbers.

eBayis apparently also an option.

A friend of mine just suggested I throw a pad party and request each guest bring at least one pad. Well, she said a pack of pads but no way would I ask my friends for a pack of pads. It IS an interesting way to create diversity in the project but I think I'm more interested in having each pad be exactly the same and just decorating them or altering the detailing for each one. Fun idea for a party though.

July 19th, 2006

You Can't Move a Mountain of Pads @ 03:22 pm

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I think a lifetime of pads may be a little ambitious after all. I found out thatThe average woman throws away over 10,000 sanitary napkins or tampons during her lifetime. I knew it would be staggeringly huge once I really sat down and though about it. So what do I do? One full years worth? 5 years? 10? I should just stick to the K.I.S.S. rule and do 1 year. So if an average woman starts her period at 12 years old and ends at 50 that's 38 years of periods. Round up to 40. So 10 000 divided by 40 is 250. So 250 pads used in one year by one woman. Should I even bother with test subjects and figuring it all out myself or should I just go ahead and start doing it?

I wonder if Cosco ever has a 2 for 1 deal on pads? Or a buy 10 get 1 free card.

As for my underwear quilt do I obtain only white underwear and decorate each pair myself or get as many different looks and colours as possible?

The Keeper site says In a woman's lifetime, she is likely to use 15,000 sanitary pads or tampons.So I obviously have to do a little more research and average out the numbers I find but it's looking like I'll just skip the test subjects and go ahead with a years worth of pad dolls.

Where Used Underwear? @ 10:26 am

Current Mood: dorky dorky

No word back from the Always site yet although I did have a dream that they wrote me and told me that my question didn't fit their parameters-whatever that means.

I've decided that the backdrop to my pad doll woman has to be a quilt made of underwear. Do they sell underwear at the Sally Ann *shudder*? I'm obviously not going to go out and buy hundreds of pairs of brand new underwear...although come to think of it I'm sure they have some at dollar stores. Hmmm...I may have to ask for donations of slightly used but completely clean underwear from women. I wonder how THAT will go over. I feel slimy just thinking about it.

Other thoughts. Maybe a lifetime of pads is too much of a project to take on. A year doesn't seem enough so how do I choose a significant number of years. What exactly am I hoping to represent with the number of pads used? This will take some thought.

July 17th, 2006

Dearest Iris... @ 12:07 pm

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I went to the always site and Asked Iris what the blue liquid used in their commercials is. I'm interested to see if they'll give me an answer. I know it's probably just blue dye but that's not really the point. In the end I want to use the dye in my project somehow as well. If I don't get the answer from Iris I'll just find someone else.

July 16th, 2006

Hide Your Shame @ 05:44 pm

Current Mood: distressed distressed

I want to create a piece of art that confronts the medias use of non offensive blue liquid in their "feminine napkin" commercials.

I haven't deluded myself into thinking that it will change things overnight. Perhaps the mom's and dad's of the nuclear family really aren't ready to see a non offensive RED liquid used (instead of the ridiculously mysterious BLUE) on their TV screens tomorrow night during their quality prime time, but if even a small portion of future advertisers are exposed to the realitiess of "Aunt Flow's" visits I am hoping that in my life time the switch will be made.

How does hiding the colour of our menstrual blood educate anyone? How does it take away any feelings of shame or secrecy that young woman or men may feel? Once a month we bleed for over half our lives. Since there have been women on this planet there have been blood cycles so why is there still a need to hide any aspects of it?

This is all still very new in my mind and I am not an artist, but I am a woman and if nothing else my little project will help me work out my own frustrations with roles and habits that I've developed without even knowing why.

My plan so far is to find 100 willing women test subjects who will document exactly how many pads/tampons they use in the course of their menstruation. Then I will calculate the average amount of pads used in a woman's lifetime and create pad doll women to represent this. Look back here for updates if you're interested.

I Don't Bleed Non Offensive Mysterious Blue Liquid

I'd Rather use a Tarp